The Peep into the Governance and Leadership

Classes Involved: 5 to 8
Month: August,2017
Description: Widening the horizons of learning with an integration of information from the international arena, opens vistas to the acquiring of knowledge which results in the overall progress of human race.
With an insight into the style of governance and leaders of Bhutan, China, India, Sultanate of Oman and UK, students shall be able to deduce , analyze and form an independent opinion about the diverse administrative tapestry.

To be working in full swing for ISA , children shall have an opportunity to explore, research and share with their friends their experiences so as to help them break open their cocoon and be productive to the global society in future.

Activity 1: Role Play
Month : August 2017

Activity 2: Collage making
Month : August 2017

Activity 3: Display board
Month : August 2017

Activity 4: PowerPoint Presentation
Month : August 2017

Activity 5: Slogan and Symbol Writing
Month : August 2017

Activity 6 : Quiz
Month : August 2017


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